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Our 2 Camels behind and 4 horses ride at Giza Pyramid in the morning in Cairo

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My first Book about traveling

Backpacking 12 countries

This 130+ pages book is about my traveling experience to 12 countries from Europe to Asia on 3 different trips that include Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Egypt, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. In this book there is a 4 days trip to Scotland by myself, a 1 month trip covering 9 countries in Europe where I lead 5 persons and another 8 days trip leading a group of 10 of my family members covering 2 countries in Asia

In this book you get some saving tips on traveling by backpacking, places of interest, cheaper way to get there and plan your trip well in advance to avoid last minute disappointment especially when crossing border transportation like plane/train/bus/ship and accommodation. I experienced a time where I can’t get a place to stay in Dublin, Ireland because I didn’t book earlier, the hotel rooms there are full due to singer Beyonce is holding a concert there that night. So, for accommodation, early booking is advisable, last minute maybe end you in scouting around, especially on the weekend or some festival, happening in that city. Last-minute booking would also cost more as the cheaper hotels are usually booked already. And if you missed the train or flight means your next itinerary accommodation is wasted cause you may not be reaching there on time. Long story short, just be prepare and stay alert when you are traveling alone unless you are following a travel agency, then you can leave all the plans to them. Below are some of the trips photos.

This 3 minutes video shows 9 countries backpacking trip, part of my travel book itinerary
Feeling excited at Stonehenge during backpack trip in 2016
A peddler selling air soap bubbles at a street in Hamburg, Germany

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What’s the secret behind this 3 street performers which can defy gravity
 Tantalizing grapes at Santorini island, Greece
Many handmade pottery souvenirs available for your remembrance at Santorini, Greece
Ikea at Stockholm (its birthplace) have free bus service to take you to their store and back around Stockholm city
Horse ride tour around the Stockholm city, enjoy the city in style
Feeding the seagull that fly close to the ship deck, they can pick up any food that you throw to them before drop to the sea
 Santorini’s port is Athinios, this where the ferries dock to bring in tourist along with bus and cars and then the road zig zag uphill
The highest pyramid below my hand
Sunset at Oia, Santorini town, Ship from Sweden to Finland

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