Bromo Volcano trip at Surabaya, Indonesia
Sipadan island, Sabah diving trip, encounter turtle, baby shark, nudibranch, parrotfish, pigmy seahorse plus many more
Reach Kinabalu summit to watch sunrise after 2 tiring days of hiking in 2015

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Travelling is in my blood, wish I could travel the whole world 195 countries in one go but that’s impossible unless a multi millionaire who is retired , have this urge. A person need not just money and time but desire, courage and sacrifice as well to make it happen. A non stop traveler usually have to miss having a family, a steady job or business, may not own any property etc. Considering myself lucky to be able to travel 20% of the countries to date and 130 cities, although there are many people who travel more countries than me but why compare, just be contented with what we have achieved and be glad what we have today. I have been dreaming of driving to UK since 2018 but now, I don’t know if I can kick start by 2022. I believe many campervans owners around the globe is also waiting patiently.

I am aiming to set foot on 50% of the world countries before leaving this world, hope to achieve it by starting a drive trip to UK from my country, Malaysia once the pandemic is over. I have set a duration of one year to go 30 + countries by driving on the road using a 4 x 4. So far I had only driven on the rented car in Greece, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 2016 and 2019 The coming 4 x 4 adventure would be a huge challenge for me as I believe there would be numerous obstacle encounter along the way, especially when crossing country borders or if the road is tough to navigate and also if the car break down halfway as this is my solo journey. My planned journey would cover over 20,000 km covering Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal and UK, a total of 41 countries of which 11 of them, I have been before. Counting the days when this could be a reality, dream comes true. Luckily our Malaysia passport can go 175 countries without Visa, the Henley Passport Index ranks the Malaysian passport as the 14th strongest in the world in terms of travel freedom.

I have lived and worked in 3 countries, besides Malaysia, I was in Germany for 4 years and UK for half year, so I have pick up their Deutsch language. For my traveling record so far, I had done is backpack covering 13 countries in Europe for a month back in 1992 when there are no internet connection yet for the public. That is when I bought a 1 month Euro rail Global Pass that allows me to unlimited train travel to 33 countries in Europe for a fixed price, and at that time I am below 26, so I get a student price. You can take as many trains as you like and there are no limit on the distance you can travel within a travel day. I started from Germany, to Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Yugoslavia (now Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia), Hungary, Austria and back to Germany. I can travel fast because I usually travel night train, so even while I sleeping also am traveling and beside that I can save on hotel charges as well. I can have my dinner at Barcelona and wake up for breakfast at Monte Carlo. Hotel stays maybe 1 week twice for bath or when the city need 2 days to cover. Usually once get off train, first thing I would do is just go leave the backpack at train station lockers and go to Tourist Information for City Map and start the tour. That’s a norm for all backpackers, I presume, if they are not staying for the night.

The second 1 month backpacking trip of 9 countries in 2016 was with my wife and 4 members starting from England to Ireland, then Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece and Egypt by plane, train, ship hovercraft, metro, bus, taxi, cycling and of course walking using all kinds of public transport. This time is easier because of Airbnb have exist and we can rent the whole house instead of hotel rooms. More freedom than crammed in a hotel room and can even buy food and cook ourselves. Below is a video of 3 VW kombi van and 1 Beetle trip to UK from Malaysia in 2017.

Volkswagen Malaysian driving trip to UK part !

I believe there are many more things to learn and experience along the way when I start my driving and I have been learning everyday to prepare myself for this expedition. Anyway with the advance of internet worldwide nowadays, travelling have been pretty easy for everyone, can book air ticket, train tickets, hotels, entrance fees, and of course with GPS which is available 24/7 so I can’t get lost in any country. The world have become a much smaller place with all these internet convenience like videocall/zoom meeting from any part of the world, bullet train that cut travel time by 1/3 and the lists goes on. And also with more drones that came out for the past 10 years, virtually anyone can get one for taking videos/pictures for their own collection or put their FB/Instagram for views or make their You Tube channel whatever. I would definitely get one to record bird view video of scenery and old architecture building, castle, churches when I go and upload to my YT channel. watch out..

Beside travel, sport like badminton, hiking and swimming, and scuba, cooking is my other hobby, thus I have recorded and uploaded some Youtube videos. It doesn’t look professional compare others, I don’t have a big kitchen or nice island kitchen but it’s just some recipe collection I like to share. Feel free to take a look at Hinckley Choy Youtube channel. My future travelling video would also be upload there when I really start my long driving journey to UK. Counting the days till the countries borders open again. With the current pandemic situation, it may drag another year or two (2022/2023) before anyone can fly as new variant is discover. Hopefully it won’t be so that long wait. Please do follow and like my FB page so you are inform when I start my expedition. If you are looking for flight, hotel or train, check out

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